Kennel Thunder Road bio picture

National show Siikajoki, Finland 7/9-19
judge Maarit Hassinen
”Frank” Thunder Road Hangover in Dover EX1 CQ BM-1 CAC BOB!
”Hervor” A’Vigdors Lucrece EX1 CQ BF-2 R.CAC

Congrats Carita Kaari for BOS on Callalians Desert Rose (she is daughter of Thunder Road Albert Camus & Thunder Road Careless Love ❤️)

we did not stay for the finals, due to long trip home.

överkalix & Luleå

17/8-19 Överkalix national show

Judge: Martin Johansson
group Judge Zsuzsanna Balogh, Hungary

“Jere” Thunder Road I Like Big Butts BOB puppy was picked ut as the last 6 in the puppy BIS. Congrats Minerva.
“Frank” Thunder Road Hangover In Dover EXC1, CQ, Best Male-1, CAC, BOB-Junior, BOB BOG-4
“Hervor” A’Vigdors Lucrece EXC2

18/8-19 Luleå SDHK
Judge  Nenad Davidovic, Serbia

“Frank” Thunder Road Hangover In Dover EXC2, CQ, Best Male-3
“Hervor” A’Vigdors Lucrece EXC1, CQ, Best Female-1, CAC, new Swedish Champion!

some show news ect

Frank went to Euro Dog Show in Wels, Austria with Joanna he got Excellent and was picked out for the last ones to get placed in the huge junior class, bur no placement. On Austria Winner he was placed as Exellent 4 in the junior class.

He also went with her to Denmark and got 1 Danish Junior CAC.

thank you Joanna for your time with Frank and training him so well.

After he finally came home after some months on the road he had his official healthtests done. Great results. Patella 0/0 and no heart murmur.

14/7-19 International dog show Piteå, Sweden
Judge Hans Almgren

”Stalin” A’Vigdors Nilo EXC1 CQ BM-1 CACIB BOB
”Hervor” A’Vigdors Lucrece EXC2

Thank you Mattias for showing Stalin. What a dream team

BOS Stitch Style Gaya 

3/8-19 International dog show Fauske, Norway
Judge: Vesa Lehtonen, Finland
”Frank” Thunder Road Hangover In Dover Ex1 CQ CAC, BM-1 & BOB too young for cacib
”Stalin” A’Vigdors Nilo Ex3
”Hervor” A’Vigdors Lucrece Ex1

Congrats to Jarmo and Satu on BOS


Stalin got placed as best male and BOS
Hervor was placed as best bitch 3.

Judge Cahtrin Westin.

love this line from Stalins critic “moves like a king in the ring”

F a c e b o o k