have the last month attended to 2 puppyshows to train my pups for upcoming shows. Without a lot of training we just go there to train and have fun. Thank you to the puppybuyers who have attended to. So fun watch them grow and perform with their owners 🙂

In kalix last month at age 4 months under judge Jens Myrman puppies got this results

Alf BOB puppy, Agda BOS puppy. Märta 2nd.

Alf also got BIS 1 puppy under judge Tuula Pratt, Finland 🙂


in Boden yesterday 5 months old under judge Frode Jevne, Norway

Alf BOB puppy. Agda BOS puppy. Lily 2nd.

Alf BIS 2 puppy under judges Frode Jevne & Gunnar Norlin 🙂